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Dr. Mahsa Tehrani Rheumatologist Tysons Corner, Vienna VA, Northern Virginia Dr. Tehrani was the author of Arthritis & You Column featured in Everyday Health consumer medical website, home to over 28 million unique viewers a month. Dr. Tehrani is currently the Rheumatology expert monthly contributor to EveryDayHealth.com. Below, please find her excerpts, as adapted from that website, answering common patient questions and concerns.

6 Supplements That (May) Ease Your Joint Pain

In 2012, the nutritional supplement industry made about $32 billion in revenue. But do supplements really work?

Unfortunately, we don't know the absolute answer, because there's a lack of well-designed, large scale randomized clinical trials in this area. However, some studies have found that certain supplements could provide moderate improvements in arthritis symptoms and progression.

Here are six common supplements for arthritis and the evidence of their effects on joint pain.




Is Fish Oil for You?

In the 1970s, Eskimos with diets high in omega 3 were found to have less heart disease. This finding shined a bright spotlight on these fatty acids - and that light has yet to dim.

In the past decade, as scientific evidence accrues, the increasing popularity of fish oil has tripled. Numerous studies have found that fish oil can help cholesterol levels, postpartum depression, neurologic diseases and even inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

If you don't take it yourself, you probably know of someone who is taking this supplement. Have you contemplated buying a bottle and joining in on the secret to disease prevention? Well, if you are entertaining such thoughts, read on.

Your Sexy Stilettos Could Be Destroying Your Joints

There are some habits that are notoriously bad for your health like smoking, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, and a non-existent exercise regimen. But could your fashion choices put you at risk for a chronic illness? Maybe.

Degenerative arthritis is usually a byproduct of aging, but there are factors (like some fashion choices) that can speed up this process. Here are some arthritis faux-pas that you should avoid.


Are You Poisoning Your Joints With Gluten?

It's not your imagination. There really does appear to be a gluten-free alternative to every item found on grocery store shelves. And for people with celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is the only way to manage the disease.

But could gluten play a role in other health conditions like arthritis? The answer might surprise you.


Women, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Mortality Rates: New Study, New Answers

Our bodies move thanks to the many joints which work together harmoniously.

Joints are lined by a synovium, which essentially provides lubrication and nutrients to the cartilage. Inflammation in the synovium leads to pain, accumulation of fluid in the joints, and ultimately the destruction of cartilage and bone.


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