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Dr. Mahsa Tehrani, MD –  Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinical Center of Northern Virginia, Answers Your Questions

Dr. Mahsa Tehrani was the author of Arthritis & You Column featured in Everyday Health consumer medical website, home to over 28 million unique viewers a month. Dr. Tehrani is currently the Rheumatology expert monthly contributor to Below, please find her excerpts, as adapted from that website, answering common patient questions and concerns.

6 Supplements That (May) Ease Your Joint Pain

In 2012, the nutritional supplement industry made about $32 billion in revenue. But do supplements really work?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the absolute answer, because there’s a lack of well-designed, large scale randomized clinical trials in this area. However, some studies have found that certain supplements could provide moderate improvements in arthritis symptoms and progression.

Here are six common supplements for arthritis and the evidence of their effects on joint pain.

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